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We are glad to announce that we have moved our John Paul II Children´s HIV/AIDS Clinic to Buikwe - Lubanyi in January 2016!

    Health Initiatives Association was established as a response to the cry for better quality services of the vulnerable groups especially children living with HIV and their families. 

    A pilot project of paediatric HIV Clinic in Buikwe Town, Central Uganda has been commenced in September 2012. The aim of this clinic (named as John Paul II Children´s HIV/AIDS Clinic ) is to provide comprehensive HIV care to those innocent HIV victims. Children infected by transmission from their mothers stand at the periphery of their families and society. Most of them die before they reach age of 5 years  if they didn’t get adequate medical care. These children are noticeably different by bad health conditions and neglect. There is just a little to change- being humane and sympathize. Drugs are just one thing but together with willingness to help and kindness it is possible to open the way to better future for these children. 

HIA collaborates with St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences Slovakia, with organization Heath Initiatives Association-Slovakia and others local partners within Uganda (eg. Mildmay, BTC, MoH).


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Become a member of our Mission Family and a Partner by regular monthly contribution, even of small amount (10,000.00 UGX or 50,000.00 UGX, if you feel it, you can donate more :)) and help us to run The John Paul II. Children´s HIV/AIDS Clinic in Buikwe, Uganda and provide care for the kids in need.

Send your contribution to the HIA- Uganda account: 4210600199, VS 4444. Thank you! Mweebale Nnyo!




Currently running activities:
  • John Paul II Children´s HIV/AIDS Clinic, Buikwe District
  • Najja Mobile Clinic

  • Outreaches

  • Home Visits

  • Children´s Preventive Program

  • Youth Corner program

  • Social program

  • Income Generating Activities (IGA) for clients