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Zaitun lives with her grandmother. Father passed on and the mother got some challenges, so she left the child in the village with grandmother. As a child, she was always sick, in pain and often transfused. In the age 5 years Zaitun was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Because of costs she was on treatment only occasionally.

In 2015 she was enrolled into HIA’s sickle cell program. But despite regular checkups and adjuvant treatment she had severe complications of sickle cell disease. She suffered from frequent attacks of serious joint pain and she was transfused almost every month too. She went to school only occasionally, because of being always admitted to different hospitals. Even if she was at school, she was not able to focus, because of low brain blood perfusion.

In 2019, she was among first three clients who were started on modern treatment with hydroxyurea in HIA’s sickle cell program under supervision of Prof. Racil.  We never expected such a wonderful effect of this treatment, but Zaituna reacted in amazing way. The number of pain attacks and transfusions went to almost zero, her quality of life changed tremendously. She got a donor to support her in education. Together with caretaker, Zaituna and her class teacher she was recommended to continue in skill training program at vocational institute in nearby village. So, this young lady is now trained to be a tailor in future. She is very happy about given chance for modern treatment and skill training as well because it opens for her future possibility of being independent and to sustain herself.

Note: client’s consent obtained, the name was changed

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