Saved from depression

This young man was referred to HIA from the district hospital. By enrollment he was completely bedridden, malnourished, depressed. On examination his major problem was terrible pain in hip join and general pain of bones and joints. After consultation with the specialists, imaging methods and plenty of laboratory tests including bone metabolism tests we have concluded the diagnosis as Tenofovir associated osteopathy (his medication for HIV).

We have carefully changed his drug regimen, started him on adjuvant treatment not only for pain but also for improvement of bone structure. First three months he was also supported with protein rich nutrition package, meanwhile the social workers set a project with his caretaker and she started to rear chicken. This way the sustainability for protein intake was secured.

Orthopedic surgeon at Corsu hospital recommended surgery to release the contractures of muscles on lower limb. After surgery Moses went through intensive physiotherapy, followed by regular exercises at home. He was given a special elevated shoe to balance the shortened lower limb. Since that time, he started to walk slowly with walker, with crutches and now he can walk without any support. Other supportive care was given.

Our counsellor attended to him on regular basis to fight the depression. He was taught how to make bids from paper and this made him busy and actually he turned it into a business. Peer support from the adolescent from our clinic who went through similar condition. This all took almost three years of systematic and holistic approach to the patient. Now this young man is fully back to life, he is back to school, has plans how to become a businessman once and his health is good due to good adherence to his medication.

Note: client’s consent obtained, the name was changed

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