From victim to rescuer

Hellen works with HIA since very beginning. In 2012 she started as an expert client in HIV program. In her special way (in local language) she was always very good in explanation of basic topics e.g. drug adherence to other HIV positive clients. She is one of a few, who are fighting stigma by being a role model and talking freely about living positive life, giving testimonies. At the beginning she only new few words in English.

With time she did not only learn English and all topics related to HIV and health talks, she also showed us her other gifts. Despite the fact, that she may act a bit reserved on a first contact, in the heart she is a loving and a caring person, who is able to offer end of life care to bedridden clients and their families. She is a widow with her own biological children and also other dependents from extended family. She never gave up and tried her best to provide for her family basic needs and education.

When we had a problem with malnourished neglected children, she always took them to her home and gave them DOT and proper care. This way her home became with time our OVC shelter. In the holiday time she takes cares for another 15 children apart of hers. If there is a child in need, abandoned, neglected or abused she is always our first person to ask, whether she can help. Up to now she never denied. She never denied even children which were so sick, that she knew that they will die soon. She took this last service as her mission. Now she is fully employed with HIA and even the community recognized her good qualities after seeing her never-ending attempts of  fighting for better future for people living with HIV or other marginalized groups. Thank you Hellen.

Note: client’s consent obtained, the name was changed

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